Top Signs of a Water Leak

Top Signs of a Water Leak

It's important to pay attention to the operations of your home in order to prevent minor issues from growing into much larger problems. Should you ever suspect a water line leak, due to one of the following signs of trouble or otherwise, be sure to contact a plumber right away. The longer you wait to have plumbing troubles addressed the worse, and more expensive, they will get. Call a plumber immediately if you notice any of these issues.

Decreased Water Pressure

A common sign of a water leak is if you're no longer getting quality water pressure from shower heads or sink faucets. Judging by the amount of pressure you've lost you can often tell how bad the leak may be. A minor loss of pressure could be a hairline crack somewhere, while a larger leak will result in a hardly any water coming out of the faucet.

Swampy Lawn or Dipping Driveway

Water lines that run from the city pipes in the street to your home will generally pass under your yard, a walkway or your driveway. If there is unexplained puddling in your yard or if you're driveway or other brick or cement paths seem unstable, it's very possible that a water pipe has burst below ground.

Sound of Running Water

A trickle of never ending water that can't be pinned down is certainly cause for concern. A smaller leak may be fairly faint to the ear, while a larger leak could be easily audible through the walls of your home.

Wet Spots on Floor, Walls or Ceiling

Dark, black or obviously wet spots that appear from nowhere on the floor, walls or ceiling are a common sign that pipe has sprung a leak in the bones of your home. While some slight deconstruction may need to take place, these repairs are often quicker and easier than you expected.

Spiking Water Bill

Water bills should stay fairly consistent in any household, so a sudden uptick in your water usage and costs is a clear indication that something is amiss. If you're unsure where a leak may be coming from a professional plumber should be called in to run diagnostics.

If you suspect trouble with your home's plumbing system be sure to contact a plumber right away. For expert water leak repair in San Tan Valley or the surrounding Arizona cities reach out to Accurate Plumbing & Drain Service. We are happy to assist with all your commercial or residential plumbing needs! To request a free estimate from an expert plumber near Phoenix call us at (602) 353-7718 and we'll be happy to help!

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