Common Plumbing Problems of Aging Homes

Common Plumbing Problems of Aging Homes

Common Plumbing Problems of Aging HomesOlder homes carry a lot of character, but they can also be a menace when it comes to their internal systems, such as plumbing. There are a few common plumbing problems that old homes have that you should be aware of when preparing to buy or update a home. It is important to take care of plumbing issues in older homes to ensure you have clean, safe drinking water, to prevent leaks and to ensure maximum efficiency. Here are three issues to consider in any aging home.

Galvanized Pipes

A very common plumbing problem in older homes is the use of galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes can become corroded and rusted over the years causing poor water pressure and a contaminated water supply. If buying an older home ensure the inspector checks the conditions of the pipes.

Roots in Old Sewer Lines

Hard plastic, cast iron or clay pipes have all been popular water and sewer line materials at one time or another, but each of these are susceptible to tree roots causing major damage the to the sewer line. Clay lines are easily intruded because of their softer casing. Cast iron pipes can split, leaving them open to roots searching for water. Plastic pipes, used widely in the 1980s can be crushed by roots.

"Invisible" Water Leaks

So you can't find any dripping faucets or running toilets but your water bill just seems a little too high? You may have a leak somewhere undetectable without cracking open a wall or digging a hole in the yard. To diagnose these types of leaks turn off the water valve and check the dial on the meter, it will show even the smallest amounts of water usage if there is a leak.

When considering the purchase of an older property or if you've been in your home for years it is important to be are of these issues. If your water bill seems a little too high and you need the assistance of an expert plumber in San Tan Valley or the neighboring communities reach out to Accurate Plumbing & Drain Service. We take great pride in serving our community with professional residential and commercial plumbing. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for plumbing in San Tan Valley or the neighboring communities give our team a call at (602) 353-7718 today.

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